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Emma was born in 1996 on the east coast of Sweden in a town called Sundsvall. She grew up just a ten minute drive out side of Sundsvall in the village of Klingsta. From an early age Emma also spent a lot of time at her grandparents who lived further out in the countryside in a beautiful village called Norrhassel, a name associated with the Hazel trees growing here many years ago.

Emma's summers were often spent fishing with her grandfather in Norrhassel gazing out over the lake during the most beautiful and bright period of times, the Swedish summer that is. This is also where she spent most of her winter wonderland Christmases with big, majestic pine trees and meadows covered in snow reaching all the way up to your knees. Watching the northern lights dancing in the sky with the start and the moon, ice-fishing early in the mornings and drinking hot coco by the fire during the sunrise is also something she still treasures.

At three months old, Emma met a girl living next door to her grandparents, the girls soon became best friends and are still to this day. This sisterly friendship recently lead to the two of them taking off to travel Australia for a couple of months.

When the girls were young they both spent a lot of time with Emma's grandparents. Unfortunately Emma's grandfather past away when she was only nine years old, leaving a huge hole in her heart. Pictures of memories they shared together is frozen in time and are worth the world to her.

This is one of the biggest reasons why she loves photography. They help you capture and preserve the most precious moments in life.

CONTACT ME ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY: photography@emmahazel.com


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